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Herøya Industripark AS

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OiW Process

OiW Process, which stands for "Oil in Water Process", works with technology for cleaning oil from produced water from the Norwegian continental shelf. The company established itself at Herøya in Autumn 2013.

OiW Process supplies engineering services and solutions for the oil and gas industry, allowing companies to remove the last traces of oil from produced water, thereby meeting the authorities' emissions requirements. In addition to the offshore market, OiW Process hopes to work with local processing industries.

OiW Process originated from TS Engineering AS, which is part of the TS Group, based in nearby Skjelsvik. It is now an independent company which aims to build on the technology it was involved with at TS. It has also initiated a research project with other partners, e.g. IFE, the Institute for Energy Technology.

This innovation project has applied to join the Research Council of Norway's Nano2021 programme, with the aim of developing a new environmentally friendly water cleaning technology for removing microscopic oil droplets and minimising process chemicals from oil production.

OiW Process currently has four employees at Herøya and three in Molde.

Susan Heldal
Mobile: 0047 483 00 530

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