Nokas Beredskap AS

Nokas Beredskap provides industrial safety and emergency call-out services to the Herøya industrial safety area.

Vakt Service Industriberedskap AS was established in 2005 and was owned in equal shares by Yara, Grenland Industriutvikling (Hydro) and Nokas. Nokas AS took over the intire business on the 1st of March 2013 and changed the name to Nokas Beredskap.

In addition to industrial safety and emergency call-outs, the company offers a wide-ranging training programme and courses for industrial safety personnel, and fire and first-aid courses. Nokas Beredskap also supplies AEDs and provides training in their use.

Nokas Beredskap has its own 24-hour security centre for handling many different types of alarm. The business is housed together with the Porsgrunn Brann- og Feiervesen (PK – municipal fire service) in Building B296, and performs a range of tasks together with PK.

Christian Valand
Tel.: +47 918 22 190