Herøya Arbeiderforening

Herøya Arbeiderforening – Herøya Workers Association – was founded on 17 June 1929 by Arthur J. Berby.

 Nowadays, HAF is a division of IndustriEnergi, a Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions association, and a generic association at Herøya Industrial Park.

This trade union association has nine member clubs. It has a total of 1716 members, of whom 786 are pensioners and 930 are active. HAF is based at Bygg 25, the administration building. The Board is made up of ten Board members, three observers and three deputy members. Herøya Arbeiderforening owns Bjørkøya in Eidangerfjorden. The history of HAF can be viewed at www.heroyaarbeiderforening.no 


Phone: 0047 91813750
E-mail: h.a.f@online.no