Calora Subsea AS

Calora Subsea AS was established in the Industrial Park in 2008. The company designs, develops, produces, markets and sells polymer-based products for the subsea market. Calora Subsea's head office is in Sandefjord.

One of the company's products is Calorflex®, which is used for thermal insulation of flexible underwater pipelines. The thermal insulation helps to ensure the correct temperature and flow conditions for multi-phase liquid flows transported in the pipelines. The company employs advanced process technology in producing Calorflex®.

Allan Boye Hansen is the company's founder.

The company invests considerable resources in improvement work and product development in various niche markets in offshore and subsea technology in addition to thermal insulation.

Roar Vasbø
Calora Subsea AS
Tel.: +47 33 12 64 00