Setting up in the park

Are you on the lookout for a suitable place to establish industrial or commercial operations? Do you have a business concept that you need help to realise? If so, Herøya Industrial Park could be just the place for you.

Setting up at Herøya Industrial Park could be a major step forward on the road to success. Herøya Industrial Park will use effective support services, good infrastructure, outstanding industrial expertise and assistance with setting up to help your company to come out on top in its industries.

This is what we offer

  • Outstanding industrial expertise
  • Industrial sites with electricity, cooling water, steam, gas etc.
  • Buildings, inc. operation and maintenance (approx. 160 000 sq m)
  • Office Buildings
    • Workshops and procuction premises
    • Laboratories and pilot plant facilities
    • Warehouses
  • Effective, modern industrial infrastructure / utilities
    • Mains electricity, gas
    • Quay facility, 1.6 km quay front
    • Pipe trenches
    • Tanker terminals, roads, green areas, parking spaces
  • Pilot Arena Herøya: premises, facilities and expertise for conducting pilot projects
  • Industrial incubator Proventia: support, advice, capital, networks and physical adaptation for development of ideas

Would you like to know more about opportunities for setting up at Herøya?


Gard Madsen
Marketing and Establishment
tel +47 909 37 833

Rolf Olaf Larsen
Pilot Arena Herøya
tel +47 908 40 568  

  • Industrial site leasing

    If you are an entrepreneur and need somewhere to set up, or if you run industrial operations that require a lot of space, establishing your business at Herøya Industrial Park could set you well on your way to success.

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