RHI Normag AS

RHI Normag AS produces various types of magnesium oxide which is useful in most applications.

The company uses dolomite as a raw material. This is crushed and then calcined at 1000 degrees in the company’s calcining tower.

In the next process stage, magnesium hydroxide is precipitated using seawater. This then continues to filtration, where the water is removed, and the product is then calcined at a moderate temperature in a rotary kiln. This results in magnesium oxide, MgO, which is used for many things. RHI Normag AS currently supplies MgO to players working in the fields of agriculture, animal feeds, the paper industry, the rubber industry, coal-fired power stations and other chemical industries.

RHI also have a new factory that produces fused magnesia, which is melted and crystallised magnesium oxide. This process produces one of the most heat resistant materials in the world, which is a raw material used in RHI’s production of refractory bricks. The factory is currently preserved, ready to restart at a later time.

In full operation RHI Normag AS will produce around 80 000 tonnes MgO per year. This volume will meet the demand among external customers. RHI Normag AS will also be a supplier of raw materials within the RHI group.

RHI Normag AS is owned by RHI AG, the world’s largest manufacturer of refractory bricks.

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