The PVC factory at Herøya is part of INOVYN Norge AS. The company's administration and chlorine/VCM factory is at Rafnes, Europe's leading chlor-alkali and PVC manufacturer. INOVYN Norge AS is owned by INEOS and Solvay. 

The PVC factory has modern technology developed by the company, and produces two grades of the plastics raw material PVC. S-PVC powder is mainly used for hard, flexible products such as pipes, cables, profiles etc. Paste PVC is a more finely grained powder used for softer products such as floor coverings, wallpapers etc. The most important markets are Scandinavia and Northern Europe. Annual production capacity totals 170,000 t PVC.

The raw material VCM comes from the Chlorine/VCM factory at Rafnes, which also supplies hydrogen to Statoil's hydrogen station at Herøya.

The unit is led by Erlend Malvik.

The Technology & Production Support unit (TPS) is also based at Herøya in the Herøya Research Park. It provides technical operational support and long-term factory development for the INOVYN ChlorVinyl factories in Europe. TPS also conducts market-related projects within PVC. 

The unit is led by Steinar Kvisle.

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