Addcon Nordic

ADDCON Nordic (formerly Yara Formates) is owned by the German company Addcon Group GmbH. At its production plant in Herøya, ADDCON Nordic makes a number of special products based on formates and formic acid. The unit has some 54 employees at Porsgrunn and a turnover of between NOK 400 and 500 million.  

Main products for own-brand sales                   

AVIFORM – de-icing fluid for airports
GrasAAT – ensilage agent for grass
FishForm – preservative for fish
ENSILOX – ensilage agent for fish offcuts

ADDCON Nordic also sells formic acid, potassium hydroxide, hypochlorite etc.

Main products produced for other market operators
ECOFORM – drilling fluid for oil industry use (Norbar, NO + MI-Swaco, USA)
HYCOOL – coolants for use in indirect cooling systems
FORMI – organic feed supplement for use in pig feed  (BASF, Germany)

Product made from ammonia, carbon dioxide and water
Ammonium bicarbonate – raising agent, baking powder, but also used as fertiliser.

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