– Industry is our local market

“The most important thing is to make sure that we are established where industry is – that is our local market. This is why it is particularly important for us to have laboratories at the Research Park. There are a lot of important clients here needing applied analytical chemistry,” says Arne Aasheim, Molab as. 

Molab is one of the biggest industrial laboratory companies in Norway, employing more than 70 staff over four locations in the country: in Mo i Rana, Glomfjord, Oslo and Porsgrunn. Six people at the Porsgrunn division specialise in services in the field of applied analytical chemistry.

“We produce chemical information which is used in industry and adds value for our clients,” explains divisional manager Arne Aasheim. The company’s client list includes major industrial corporations such as Yara, Statoil, RHI, Ineos and Addcon.

The laboratory department on Molab’s premises on the top floor at Forskningsparken F2 is at the very heart of the company. A large number of samples are analysed there, and various problems are reviewed using state-of-the-art analysis techniques and methods.

Molab’s engineers supply analysis results to industrial companies all over Norway. The company develops methodologies suited as closely as possible to the issue in hand with a view to examining the contents and properties of raw materials and products, R&D support in connection with pilots, emissions/disposal and identification of unknown substances.

The company works closely together with its clients and aims to provide more than just standard contract laboratory services.

“We are part of an environment and meet our clients every day around the lunch table,” says Guri Basma, engineer and analyst. “This permits effective, direct contact.”

As well as a canteen, the Research Park offers a reception area, HES system structure, vital storage functions and receipt and dispatch of goods.

“We have access here to everything we need to run our business well,” smiles a very satisfied Arne Aasheim.