– Importance of closeness to infrastructure

"The all-important factor for our production is closeness to vital infrastructure such as quay systems. And that's what we have here at Herøya and Grenland." These are the words of Per Knudsen (picture), Head of Yara Porsgrunn.

Yara is the world's leading producer of mineral fertiliser and Porsgrunn, together with Yara Sluiskil in the Netherlands, is the biggest of the company's production units. Last year the factories at Porsgrunn produced nearly 2 million tonnes of complete fertiliser, NPK, and 1 million tonnes of calcium nitrate.

1.4 million tonnes of raw materials for fertiliser production, mainly phosphates, are received by ship at the Port of Grenland Deep Water Terminal. The end products are taken by ship all over the world. In 2011 there were a total of 900 ship arrivals at Herøya, most of them fertiliser ships.

"The quays at Herøya and Grenland are vital infrastructure for Yara, and we send the finished goods either directly by ship or by container to Brevik Harbour and Larvik for shipment from there," Knudsen explains.

Yara also has customers and suppliers among the Industrial Park's many companies. BIS supplies various support services such as maintenance, logistics solutions etc., while RHI Normag supplies Yara with magnesium oxide. For its part, Yara supplies steam and compressed air to businesses in the park and has an energy cooperation agreement with Eramet.

"Historically, the fertiliser factories were built at Herøya because of the importance of sea transport. Since then a variety of companies have moved into the Park, benefiting from each other as customers, suppliers and business partners," Knudsen summarises.