“We are close to an exciting and professional industrial market.”

“Here at Herøya Industrial Park, we are located close to an exciting and professional industrial market. And we now have modern office accommodation with a separate entrance for external customers,” says Erling Hoftun, Manager of Evry in Grenland, Norway.

EVRY ASA is one of Norway’s leading IT companies, with 50 years of experience in Norwegian and Nordic IT innovation. This has equipped the company to provide better everyday services to its customers – both in the Nordic region and the rest of the world.

EVRY has moved into fully renovated premises in Herøya Industrial Park (HIP). The G Wing of the Administration Building has been rebuilt and refurbished to meet the IT company’s needs – for instance with a separate entrance.

“Having the Evry logo on two external walls and our own entrance makes it easier for customers to find us,” Hoftun notes.

At EVRY’s Herøya branch, three of the company’s four delivery units are represented:

  • IT Operation – the operating unit
  • Solution – complete solutions unit
  • Consulting – consultancy, project management, management for hire, advice and Lean

EVRY has some 10,000 employees and an annual turnover of NOK 12 billion. The company is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange with a headquarters in Oslo, and has considerable activity on both the Norwegian and Swedish markets. With more than 100 offices in the Nordic Region, the company has a unique platform for serving customers through our regional model.

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