– Developing alongside our customers

"It is important for us to be accessible to our customers as we develop alongside them." So says Gunnar Bråthen, Head of Workshop Production at Bilfinger at Herøya.



Bilfinger supplies operational and maintenance related products and services to the processing industry and energy producers in the Nordic region, both land-based and offshore. "The processing industry has a long tradition at Herøya, so this is a natural location for us. The host company in the Industrial Park has worked to create a greater diversity and to make the Park more robust, and this gives us greater business opportunities," he explains.

The units at Porsgrunn can supply services within all the six of Bilfinger's main areas: maintenance services, workshop production, project management and engineering, refractory, consultancy and courses.

Bilfinger is proud that RHI AG chose Bilfinger as its project partner for building the new factory at Herøya. This confirms that Bilfinger has the necessary skills and is attractive on the market.

Bilfinger has a turnover of NOK 21.5 bn and approx. 2600 employees in various parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland.